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Learn easily, free

Learn everything easily

How to do it ?

Qt Reminder (Qre) is a free program designed to make you learn anything without you noticing!

Why use Qt Reminder?

Learn everything :

5 Learning categories offered

Learning categories to come

Without losing your time :

You will save a lot of time. Have you ever kept losing your mind trying to learn the vocabulary of other languages ?

With Qt Reminder, you can learn the basics of Japanese, or understand these nonsense notes in few months, or even weeks if you really want to !

Free :

Instant download :


To see a video formation of Qt Reminder, please click of the screenshot


How to use Qt Reminder

There is a free video formation available by clicking on the screenshot above, but here's a brief description in text :

This program doesn't take you a lot of time, yet you still learn with it. Within a few days, you will answer without thinking about it !

When you will start up Qt Reminder (Qre), you will have to choose a configuration file, classified by categories. Then, a window will appear and ask you a question, which you must answer correctly. If it's not the case, Qre will ask you another question. When you will anser correctly, the window disappears, and reappears later, with another question.

More information

Click here or on the "Qres" tab to access more informations on available configurations or on the progress of Qt Reminder Suite.

You can also contact me if you have any questions.

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